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The mission of the H20 Committee PAC is to inform and educate voters to approve the purchase of EPCOR water by VOTING YES on Proposition 415.

Water is not a commodity to be used for greedy corporations, it is a necessity.

We the voters have the right to control our own destiny.

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Please view the videos to get the truthful story about the reasoning behind the need to take over EPCOR.

A very informative video by Raftelis, an intelligent, well thought-out presentation from City Manager Toby Cotter and a passionate explanation from Mayor Tom Brady.


Ron’s Corner

As a private citizen I have the right to control my own destiny.  I don’t have a problem with outside investors like EPCOR, because it just makes our country stronger.  I do have a problem when they use our resources and continually perpetrate unreasonable rates thereby placing a financial burden on our community.  Water is our lifeline.  It is a necessity, not a commodity.

I challenge any EPCOR employee (no management), to debate this issue.  The debate should be in a public place so our voters can view both sides of the issue.  The challenge is on; can you handle it?

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